Rehearsals are paused. They will begin again on 9 Dec.

 Please come between 10am and 10.20, and we will aim to start at 10.30, and then with a short break at about 11.30 (no socialising!), we will finish at 12.30.

The K3AO Risk Assessment has been circulated to all members. To repeat the points set out in the Appendix: This is a simple set of rules for everyone

  1. Only attend if not aware of any Covid-19 symptoms. You are responsible for yourself.
  2. Use hand sanitizer on entering (KURC or K3AO will provide).
  3. Wear masks at all times. Optional to remove them whilst playing
  4. Social distancing to be observed at all times i.e., 2m, or 1m + face covering.
  5. Conform with KURC rules on movement. In particular, do not enter the long corridor if someone is coming the other way
  6. Use of South East corner door (behind where the drum kit usually is) for access to loos is encouraged.
  7. Bring own refreshment and hand sanitizer
  8. Bring own stand. If this is very inconvenient, a stand may be drawn from the K3AO stock by the player, wiped with an alcohol-infused wipe afterwards, and returned to stock
  9. Wind/brass players to be responsible for catching and clearing liquid from their instruments (e.g., kitchen roll/ sealable plastic container.)
  10. K3AO to supply hand sanitizer, alcohol infused wipes and disposable gloves.

If you can come, aim to be there between 10am and 10.20 so we can start playing at 10.30. We will not have a formal break, as we must not mingle.

Hope to see many of you soon!            Jonathan.

10.30 to 11.3011.30 to 12.30 
Sept 23Haydn 104ditto
Sept 30Haydn mvts 2 & 4Magic Flute overture
Pinafore overture
Oct 7Haydn 1st mvt
Magic Flute
Haydn 2,3,4 (run)
Oct 14Magic Flute
Haydn 2nd mvt
Haydn 3rd & 4th mvtsAGM 12 -12.30
Oct 21Haydn 2nd mvt
Magic Flute
Beethoven Piano Conc. 4
1st mvt
Oct 2810.30 Magic Flute (2nd half)
11.10 Haydn Mvt 4
11.40 Beethoven
Nov 4Haydn (all mvts)Magic Flute
Nov 11Cancelled
Nov 18Cancelled
Nov 25Cancelled
Dec 2Cancelled
Dec 9Play through all piecesditto
Dec 16Play through at KURCSmall invited audience?



NB all dates are subject to change, as a consequence of Covid-19 Restrictions

Spring 2021
1         January       6       Finance & General Purposes committee
2                            13      New Year Party – may be a “Zoom Drink” in the evening
3                            20      Artistic Sub-Committee
4                            27
5         February     3        Management Committee
6                            10
Half-term            (17)      NB No weekend away at Abingworth this year.
7                            24
                              27       Saturday – possible non-residential awayday
8        March          3       Management Committee
9                            10
10                          17
Spring Concert    21        Sunday: at Kingston Parish Church

Summer 2021
1        April            21        Finance & General Purposes committee
2                            28        Artistic Sub- Committee
3        May               6
4                            12         Management Committee
5                            19
6                            26
Half-term     June  2
7        June             9
8                            16
9                            23          Management Committee
Concert                30          “Summer Music” & Summer Party

Autumn 2021
1       Sept            15          Artistic Sub- Committee (F&GP Wed Sept 9th)
2                           22
3                           29          Management Committee
4        Oct               6
5                           13          AGM
6                           20          Half term dates to be finalised when Local Authority/ School dates confirmed
Half-term            (27)
7        Nov               3
8                            10
9                            17
10                          24         Management Committee
11      Dec               1
Winter Concert     5         Sunday: at St Andrews, Surbiton